Men's Programme



Teen Challenge Jamaica is committed to staying true to our foundational beginnings - when in 1958, Pastor David Wilkerson took the Gospel to the ghettos of Brooklyn, NY. 

It’s a simple and powerful message - that God loves the criminal, the gang member and the addict and that TRUE CHANGE can begin through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Hundreds of lives have been changed through the ministry of Teen Challenge over the years. You can too!

Interview & Intake:

The first step in the process is to contact us for an interview at (876) 795-2695. Once the person is interviewed and the necessary medical tests have been completed, the Intake Coordinator will set a date (if accepted) for entrance into the TCJ programme.

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Programme phases

     > Induction Phase
     > Training Phase
     > Graduation
     > Internship

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Training Phase

Once the student has completed the 4-month Induction phase, he’s ready for the Training Phase, which covers the following curriculum:

> Computer Literacy

> Emphasis on Community Service

> On the Job Training

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Skills & work ethics

The student is then assigned under the supervision of our staff to work with one of TCJ’s businesses - learning a trade, entrepreneurial skills and good work ethics.

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The final step is graduation from the TCJ programme. Lots of hard work to get there - but worth every moment. A great time of celebration! A truly new start in life!

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