Missions Teams

Bring your Missions Team to sunny Jamaica -- and help Teen Challenge 
DO MORE to reach hurting youth in need of God's love!

  • Photo 1 of 26Bring your missions team to Jamaica

  • Photo 2 of 26Delmarva missions team

  • Photo 3 of 26Mission team from Canada

  • Photo 4 of 26Mission team performs drama at local school

  • Photo 5 of 26Missions Team performs drama out in the community

  • Photo 6 of 26Missions team repairs water reservior at new farm

  • Photo 7 of 26You will have some spare time to enjoy our sunny beaches!

  • Photo 8 of 26Roof top air-conditioned missions dorm at TCJ

  • Photo 9 of 26Visiting team speaks to students in chapel

  • Photo 10 of 26We couldnt have gone this far this fast - without missions teams

  • Photo 11 of 26Having fun with the local school kids

  • Photo 12 of 26team members always have fun with our students

  • Photo 13 of 26Teen Challenge is located in the Ocho Rios area of Jamaica

  • Photo 14 of 26Dunns River Falls is a must do as part of your missions trip

  • Photo 15 of 26check out the fun at local street vendors

  • Photo 16 of 26Port Antonio Jamaica

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    Missions team doing repair work

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    Map of Caribbean

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    Mission team constuctions work

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    Working with local school kids

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    Homeless person in Jamaican village

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    prayer for TCJ students

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    Pastor Cusick and baby in Jamaica

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    Not your typical transport in Jamaica

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    Training session with GTC staff

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    Dorm 3 completed at new Haddon Farm!

 Come & take part in what God is doing through the ministry of Teen Challenge Jamaica! 

Missions Team Overview:

  • We'll work closely with you on a plan that fits your team 
  • We handle most of the "on-the-ground" stuff
  • Enjoy our good quality missions dorms on-site
  • Construction, Medical, School & Street outreaches and more
  • Teach at our Teen Challenge centers
  • References available
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     Team Members will:

    • Gain new outlooks on living the Christian Life
    • Increase understanding of cultural diversity
    • Return home bold & passionate about the Gospel
    • Enjoy opportunities to relax at the beach in the beautiful, clear ocean water of Jamaica
    • Be treated to a backyard Jamaican-style Jerk Chicken Cook-out!
    • Build with your hands – work on projects at one of the three Teen Challenge Jamaica sites 
    • Work with team leaders sharing ministry in the schools, hospitals as well at street outreaches.
    • Participate in praise and worship services - people of the island enjoy music!
    • Build with a servant’s heart - opportunities abound for each person to serve!

    Here are some of our current projects:

    • Prep work at our new vegetable farm - up in the hills not too far from Ocho Rios.
    • Construction work at 3 of our Teen Challenge Jamaica sites.
    • Conduct outreaches to schools, streets and nearby communities.

    Next steps:

    If you’re interested bringing a short-term missions team to Jamaica, please contact Anthony Richards, Executive Director with the following information:

    • Your name
    • Group name and approximate number of members
    • Contact information
    • Desired ministry involvement
    • Proposed dates of missions trip

    Melford cooks up some Jamaican Jerk chicken - very tasty stuff.png
    Melford, our chef, treats each mission team to some extra tasty Jamaican-style Jerk Chicken!

    Talk to your Pastor about sending a mission team to Teen Challenge Jamaica from your church.  Call or email us for more information.

    Teen Challenge Jamaica
    Phone: (876) 795-2695

    P.O. Box 382
 Ocho Rios
 St. Ann, Jamaica, W.I.

    Executive Director: Anthony Richards 

    CLICK HERE for our contact information.


    Ocho Rios beach with frame.png

    We'll make sure you have a little spare time to enjoy a beautiful Jamaican beach
    & some fun! 

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