2008 Highlights

  • 12-16-2008

  • Men’s Program

For the first quarter of the year we had 24 Students in the program, 10 in the Training phase and 14 in induction. We had six men in our re-entry program, five of whom were gainfully employed and contributed twenty percent of their net salary to housing at TCJ. They are encouraged to save so they will be able to move into their own apartment within a 6 months period. We had three graduates serving as interns; these men are given limited responsibility. Three students completed the twelve months program since January and graduated in the last graduation on March 1. Five men are slated to complete in the next two months.

In the second quarter we had 25 Students in the program, 9 in the Training phase and 16 in induction. We  had three men in our re-entry program; we had five graduates serving as interns. They continue to be mentored through Celebrate Recovery and one and one counseling. Six students completed the twelve months program since March and are maintaining their deliverance and another four is slated to complete before September.

In the third quarter we had 24 Students in the program, 8 in the Training phase and 16 in induction. We had three men in our re-entry program; we had two graduates serving as interns.

We currently have 26 Students in the program, 11 in the Training phase and 15 in induction. We have three men in our re-entry program; we have three graduates serving as interns.

  • Induction Phase

Each student is required to complete at least 4 contracts to move to the training phase and of the 16 that are currently in induction 6 are going through illiteracy classes and 8 out of the other 10 have completed 2 or more contracts. Illiteracy classes are now been taught by a volunteer from Family Church on The Rock Ocho Rios.

  • Training Phase

COMPUTER TRAINING – We had a professional computer trainer who comes on site and conducts threelevels of computer courses: Basic Computer Skills, Advanced Computer Skills and Word Processing, Internet and E-mail. This is a great improvement to our Training phase.

We have also increased the number of students that can benefit from one class from five to seven, by putting two additional computers in the lab. This is a great improvement to our Training phase.

Computer classes have been temporarily suspended as all the students in training phase have completed the three levels of computer courses: we will restart as soon as we have the number of students to fill a class. A computer class will start for students in the training phase in January; students will be given the opportunity to be equipped in computer literacy.

JEWELRY MAKING & WOODWORK- Tim and Michelle Zello, the couple that came in December 06 to do our first Jewelry training, came for our graduation ceremony and used the opportunity to do two days of training with six students from the training phase. Melford Davis, a team member who went through the training with Tim and Mitchelle Zello in 06 and 07, currently conducts Training in Jewelry making with one of our intern and three of our Training Phase students.

Gary Black our contracted carpenter left us after the first quarter, now Radcliffe Roberts, our new contracted carpenter comes in on a Wednesday and Thursday to teach our training phase students Celebrate Recovery The 12 step program that ministers to persons with hurts, habits and hang-ups started in October and is going well, all the re-entry men participate and also the interns serving at TCJ has the opportunity to be involved in this program., one group meet at TCJ while another group meet at FCOTR. It has been recently introduced in the induction and Training phase.

Completion January- March
Ryan Belnavis, Howard Graham and Errol Radcliff.

Completion - April- June
Ezra Brown, Brian Cox, Richard Minnott, Gladston Hinds, Peter Campbell, and Carlton Bennett.

Completion – August
Alistier Brown.

Completion – August
John Levy. (53 years old) Alanzo Wilson (67 years old)

Graduation- On Saturday March 1st Teen Challenge held it’s first graduation ceremony for 2008, the attendance was very good 120 persons with the exclusion of Teen Challenge persons were in attendance to celebrate with the six men who completed the 12 months program in the last six months. Among the attendees were Howard Gowe, Managing Director of Patricia House Richmond Fellowship, Mrs. S. Malcolm of National Council On Drug Abuse, Marilyn Barrows CEO Dolphin Cove, and Pastors from different churches across the Island and many of other donors. Pastor Timothy Dukes of Central Worship Centre Delaware USA who was our guest speaker took ten other members of his church, Tim and Michelle Zello, Jewelry 4God were also in attendance. RIU hotel provided six complimentary rooms for our overseas guest.

Graduation for students who have completed since April, will be in March, 2009, we are expecting twelve (12) men to graduate the program; the guest speaker for the event will be Mr. Duane Henders, Global Teen Challenge Regional Representative Latin America and the Caribbean. 

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