Success Stories


Success stories from the files of Teen Challenge Jamaica

Does Teen Challenge Work?   Absolutely YES!

Through a person’s willingness, the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and by working through the curriculum and phases of our program, a person CAN overcome their addiction and be DRUG-FREE for life! 

Teen Challenge International boasts an impressive success rate.  Statistics show that between 70 - 85% of those that have completed the program have proven to be drug free 7 years later.  The success rate of Teen Challenge Jamaica is currently about 50% for those who complete the 12-month program.  Many graduates now enjoy full, productive lives. No other program even approaches our success rate - the honor goes to the life-changing power of our Lord and Saviour! 


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My name is Wesley Simmonds. I grew up in a good home with sound principles, but somewhere along the line I made the choice to do my own thing. 

I became rebellious and started seeking significance in all the wrong places.  I became involved in marijuana use, sexual immorality, fighting and most of all I was disobedient to my parents.

After years of living this lifestyle, I became angry, and unresponsive to my conscience.  I cried out to God for help many times.

When I got into a fight at school, I was expelled. Upon hearing this news, my mother began to look for a program to help me change my ways.  She heard about Teen Challenge from my sister who heard about the success rate of the program and that it was a Christian program.

Seeing my need to change, I decided to try the program and entered on March 21, 2012. 

Upon entering Teen Challenge I was sad at first, but received encouragement from other students who had found a new start in life at the program.

I wanted the same peace and joy that I saw in them!  God spoke to me when I read Jeremiah 29:11 that he had plans for my life, to prosper me and not harm me. 

This encouraged me to seek a relationship with Jesus and know more about him and his love for me.  I talked to my counselor about this and after some discussion he led me in prayer to surrender my heart to Jesus.

God began to give me hunger to learn His word and really know and understand Him better.

I want to encourage persons who have life-controlling problems that God has a good plan and purpose for them too. I am grateful to my family for not giving up on me and for trusting the Lord to change my life.  I also very grateful to Teen Challenge for giving me discipline, structure and good training.

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Anthony & Barbara Richards

Anthony Richard’s Testimony

Anthony, a 2001 TCJ Graduate, is now the Executive Director of Teen Challenge Jamaica. He served in the flying squad of the JCF for almost 10 years before moving to the U.S. in search of “greener pastures”. Instead he found crack-cocaine.

Returning to Jamaica and in a hopeless state after a 6 year crack addiction, a pastor pointed him to Teen Challenge. He has never looked back. 

In 2004, he was married to his beautiful bride, Barbara Richards who also now works at Teen Challenge Jamaica as their Women's Centre Director. 

Anthony is continuing to discover his God-given talents and be the best leader he can be for His Lord and Saviour.